Canary—An Introduction to the Variations

Canaries are delightful pet birds pets that don't require as much attention from their owners as other pet bird species. Often kept in pairs, Canaries are usually thought of as being sweet yellow songbirds, although there are many other variations in color. Canaries are divided into groups by color, type and song, depending upon which trait is the most dominant. Color canaries colors include new color and red factors. Some red factors are fed a food additive called canthaxanthin which helps keep the red vibrant. Type canaries are bred to have a certain "look." Common ones include the Gloster, with its Beatles-style haircut, the elongated Belgian fancy, and the frilly look of the appropriately named frills, which include Parisians, Padovans and the Gibber Italicus. Song canaries include rollers, waterslagers and American singers. Some song canaries sing as part of a group, while others sing individually.

3 Canary Hens

The American Singer

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