Choosing the Right Gecko

While you don't need to take into consideration the same things as you would when choosing a dog, it is important to consider the different geckos out there. Size, color and native habitat are often the discriminating factors when choosing a gecko, making it much more of a personal choice than a lifestyle fit. Since there are over 900 species of gecko worldwide, this list has been dramatically shortened to provide you with the most common geckos available as pets.

House Gecko

House Gecko - A native species of Southeast Asia, it is sometimes called a "Chit-Chat" due to its noisy tendencies. Like most geckos they are active at night. Coloring is a mixture of tan and darker spots. These gekos grow to be about 5 inches in length.

Helmeted Gecko

Helmeted Gecko - This particular gecko is native to the African desert. Earth tones allow for blending in a sandy colored environment. A jagged, broken pattern of light-brown and brown shapes further reduces detection. The prominent ridge on the head gives the appearance of wearing a helmet, hence the name.

Yellow Headed Gecko

Yellow-Headed Gecko - Also called a White-Throated Gecko, this particular gecko is popular with hobbyists. Growing to about 4 inches in length, the amazing colors of this South and Central American native are only displayed in the male. Males can be gray, black, light or dark brown with a bright yellow or bright orange head. Females are gray or light brown with some banding on the neck.

Wonder Gecko

Wonder Gecko - The stocky build, big head, and big eyes make the Wonder Gecko a favorite pet. Sometimes called a Frog-Eyed Gecko, it makes sounds by rubbing its scales together. It is colored with a combination of black, brown, and gray on a yellowish body with dark green eyes.

Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko - This is the most popular gecko in the United States. A long lifespan (20 years) and a gentle nature make them wonderful pets. One of the larger geckos topping out at 12 inches with a slender body and a large head, the Leopard Gecko is beautifully colored with a sandy body and spots of purple. Most often the tail is pale purple with colored banding.

White Lined Gecko

White-Lined Gecko - A native of Indonesia, this gecko has unusual coloration. The body is brown with a white stripe running down its body from head to tail where the stripe ends in a triangle. It grows to roughly 8 inches making it one of the longer geckos available.

Walhberg Velvet Gecko

Wahlberg's Velvet Gecko - This species, native to South Africa, grows to about 8 inches in length. Typically gray or brown, there are dark brown or black stripes that run down its back with patches of light and dark. Amber colored eyes give it a unique look. This gecko is very active at night.

Four Clawed Gecko

Four-Clawed Gecko - Sometimes referred to as the Pacific Gecko, it is native to the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. It has a large head, a stocky body, and grows to about 5 inches in length. As the name indicates, this species has four claws instead of the usual five found on most geckos. It does, however, have five toes and adhesive pads giving it a very unique foot print!

Reef Gecko

Reef Gecko - Native to Florida, these are small geckos topping out at only 2-3 inches. They are narrow and streamlined with pointed heads and colors ranging from orange-brown to pale brown. They also have darker markings and are often identified with a stripe on the head. Active at night, this gecko is built for speed, often seen darting as opposed to walking along the ground.

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